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Hello all. As the moderator for this forum I thought I would introduce myself and let you all know what''s in store for this forum. It appears for the most part that the forums have been divided up and taking shape. I will be working on a FAQ for this forum in the next few days and hope to have it available soon after approval of it''s contents. In the mean time, first and foremost: Welcome all! I would like to stay invisible for the most part like an official at a game. You''d like for the two competing teams to be remembered, not the official that called the game. As mentioned previously, I do have a FAQ in store but figured I would give a preview of a few items: 1. If you are new to this site and not quite sure where to post; before you go posting to the other forums potentially off-topic, post them here. I will make sure they go to the appropriate forum. Hopefully this move makes it easier for the other mods to keep their forums on topic and information clean and free flowing. 2. The way the forums appear to be split up we have a technical side of the forums as well as a general forum. Keeping in mind reference #1, this forum should probably be used for new people, unaware what kind of religous war erupts when asking "What''s best C or C++, DirectX or OpenGL, etc", to post those questions here. If you have specific questions, comments, etc pertaining to actual process of doing something game related (vs research on how to go about doing that) that''s where the technical forums come into play. In a nutshell so to speak... I can''t stress how honored I am to be able to contribute to a site that has provided me with a wealth of resources. I hope to contribute back in the same spirit of this sites intentions. If anyone has any ideas, comments, etc about how I mod this forum please feel free to post or e-mail me. I hope you enjoy your visit to this site and most importantly I hope that you manage to leave after every visit armed with more knowledge than you came here with. Keep an eye out for the FAQ. YAP-YFIO -deadlinegrunt

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I''m just wondering why you''d want to stay invisible mostly? It''s my opinion (i don''t know if html works in here...) that the moderator should be posting and helping just as much, if not more than everyone else. Since your the Mod. you''ll be around the most and be able to help alot. well, that my 2.3 cents. thanks.

-Greg, The lazy webmaster

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Well, I personally would appreciate if you talked a lot and obscured our view of the game... I''ve always thought the referee should be merged with the mascott As a Mod of a few Yahoo groups, seeing other Mods make fools of themselves really helps me deal with the embarrasment of talking twice as much as everyone else *combined* on my groups

L b
l v

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