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To Geoff : Square Iso Tiles, what advantages?

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The biggest advantage to it is that its so much easier for the artists to create content in square tiles, as thats naturally how computer bitmaps and rendering programs work.

This usually makes art take less time and turn out better with more variation. The real catch is of course making things seemless. With the old style of "the edges of isometric are either all one color, or a definite border (the a street curb or dungeon tile)", it wasnt too hard to make it look correct. However if you want more blending for your tiles, such as grass patterns etc, then your artists will have a lot tougher time with it.

The tradeoff with isometric is that isom tiles are a lot easier to make walls and layer things for, as walls are directly at the edges of the tiles so it makes this easy in isom.


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there are other options as well, concerning rectangular tiles vs iso tiles. rectangular is easy for artists to draw, and so that is how they should be drawn, but you may like the rhomboid tiles. this is not a problem. i have discovered a way to get iso tiles out of a rectangular one.

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I read you used square tiles for your iso engine, what are the advantages of using this technique ? It sounds interesting, but I dunno exactly why to use it.


Skullpture Entertainment

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