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Can't remember what it's called...

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Hey fellow ogl brethren.. I''m designing a space-combat game similar to Tie-Fighter/Freespace/ etc....I know some people are tired of them, but I love them and get far more out of them than any FPS.. anyways, I digress.. I''m curious as to how to build an engine for a game type like this...I think I remember someone talking about have you stay in the centre of a giant cube. Then each side of the cube would have the background on it...Is this the case?? Is this what they call a "cubic environment mapping"?? I''m just looking for general posts here...just to think about how to design the engine.. thanks people! Erik

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I think what your on about is a sky box. Which is just a backround image wrapped onto a cube and roated accordingly.
This is not cubic enviroment mapping.
Sky ''boxes'' dont have to be cubes, but cubes tend to look as good as most alternatives and are simple so they are quite common.
Cubic enviroment mapping put simply is a special case of enviroment mapping where 6 textures are "stitched" together, ie a cube net if imagined layed out flat.
You will find many articles on both skyboxes and cubic enviroment mapping if you look around a bit I''m sure.
Hope this is of some use, and if someone wants to argue about my pathetic explanation of cubic enviroment mapping please save your breath =)

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