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Vertex Buffer : I am back nearly there, just a bit more help

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Hi well I have finally located where my problem is now I just need to figure out what to do about it. Ok when I Lock and create my vertex buffer with Buf->Lock(0, 0, (BYTE **)&vtxs, D3DLOCK_DISCARD); memcpy(vtxs, Part.vtx, sizeof(Part.vtx)); Buf->Unlock(); Where Part.vtx is an array of 4 vectors (whish are of format XYZRHW i.e. proccessed) everything is ok but when I use Buf->Lock(0, 0, (BYTE **)&vtxs, D3DLOCK_DISCARD); vtxs[0] = Part.getVtx[0]; vtxs[1] = Part.getVtx[1]; vtxs[2] = Part.getVtx[2]; vtxs[3] = Part.getVtx[3]; Buf->Unlock(); Where getVtx just returns a vertex from that array, then nothing enders. What am I doing wrong ? CVec4 getVtx(int num) { return vtx[num]; } (Code for getVtx). SO all I need to figure out is why the second one doesn''t work. Also I was just wandering if anybody know how to set the alpha for a whole surface (so I can do fade in''s and outs) and also how to check the alpha of every pixel. But the vertex buffer is the most important somebody PLEASE help -=Last Bastardo=-

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