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DirectPlay reasonable size?

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Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone has a best-guess for the maximum size of a data packet. If my game is going to have multi-player capability over the internet, I''m figuring that I''m going to want to be keeping the packets small, but I have no clue what is and isn''t a good size for this and testing is almost impossible until I''ve already written the network code into the game. I''m figuring around 1-2k is about right, but is this totally off? I can obviously cut down a lot of network traffic if I do tons of client-side prediction. Like, instead of sending the positions of every player, object and projectile, I can just send ''Player @xyz facing t,u,v fired x weapon'' and then let the client worry about tracing the path of the projectile. I could also send, ''playerx picked up object at y'' instead of constantly sending out object locations as well. This would mean I''d only have to send player and npc locations, which would be a lot less. However, I find that prediction code is hugely inaccurate on high-ping connections and I''d rather synchronise as much stuff as possible with the server... hence my question. Also, is there a respectable number of updates that should be done per second based on frame rates? I''m figuring that at 40fps, my server should be sending out 2-3 packets a second as well, but, again, I don''t really know. Any help from someone with experience would be great. I have plenty of talent and vision, I just don''''t give a damn.

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