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3d Question

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How do you find the average plane from a set of points. I know there was a paper on it but I cant find it anywhere on the next if you know where it is let me know, it was called “Finding the Average Plane for a Set of Points” by Niki (http://www.thecore.de/avgplane.pdf). the problme is the link is broken. thanks Reality Makes Me XIC I hack code: passion is my feul. Use my programs, experience genius. http://www.x-i-c.com/

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// Create a plane from 3 points

GPlane* Game3D::createPlane( GVector* a, GVector* b, GVector* c )
GPlane* plane = new GPlane();

GVector q;
GVector v;

q.x = b->x - a->x; v.x = b->x - c->x;
q.y = b->y - a->y; v.x = b->y - c->y;
q.z = b->y - a->y; v.x = b->z - c->z;
plane->normal = crossProduct( &q, &v );
normalizeVector( &plane->normal );

// calculate distance to origin

plane->distance = dotProduct (&plane->normal, a); // you could also use b or c

return plane;

GVector Game3D::crossProduct( GVector* v1, GVector* v2 )
GVector result;

result.x = ( v1->y * v2->z ) - ( v1->z * v2->y );
result.y = ( v1->z * v2->x ) - ( v1->x * v2->z );
result.z = ( v1->x * v2->y ) - ( v1->y * v2->x );
return result;

float Game3D::dotProduct( GVector* v1, GVector* v2 )
float dot;
dot = (v1->x * v2->x + v1->y * v2->y + v1->z * v2->z);
return dot;

void Game3D::normalizeVector( GVector* vector )
float length = (float)sqrt( (vector->x*vector->x) + (vector->y*vector->y) + (vector->z*vector->z) );

vector->x /= length;
vector->y /= length;
vector->z /= length;

Any questions just ask


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