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The rumors are not true

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Dino    172
I read (twice now) that someone thinks that Tanstaafl and myself are working on a second book together. These rumors are false. Any work done on a second Iso book is Tanstaafl''s work and his work only (if one is even being written). What I am doing is simply a side project that I started because T-man really peeked my interest in 3D isometric engines. That is the only connection between what I''m doing and what T is doing. Let''s stop any possible rumors here and now. Thanks.

Dino M. Gambone Good judgement is gained through experience. Experience, however, is gained through bad judgement.

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Seriema    634
Are you refering to my post in your earlier thread, and T''s thread, about the 3D iso engine?

I''m not starting or going after a rumor. T said in a thread that he might be thinking of writing a second book on Iso. The only thing I said that this 3D iso engine (you two were working on) would be great book material. Not that you are writing the book with him, but I bet you could ad some cool code to the book.

Hope this clears things out?

T! Write that book, noooow!


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