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Device enumeration problem...

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Hi! I have a Geforce2 MX (MSI Starforce 818). I have installed DirectX8 Debug runtime files. Although I have only one graphics adapter I seem to have two D3DDevices, first device has all the possible resolutions that, my monitor supports, but the second one has resolutions starting from 640x480 to the maximum of the adapter (2048 x something). Does anyone know why I have two devices and which one should I use? (I don''t know if the second device even works) (Is this a driver problem?)

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1. Sounds like it could be a driver problem - either with the driver itself or possibly with a badly upgraded driver.

a. Did you upgrade from a card like a 3Dfx Voodoo to this ??? - some manufacturers are notoriously bad for leaving bits of their drivers lying around on your machine, even if you follow their correct uninstall procedure.

b. A related question is did you update the driver for your card ?, and follow the correct update procedure (change the driver to Standard VGA, restart, change the driver to the new driver, restart).

c. I''d say try downloading the latest driver from the nVidia website (12.40 is the latest public driver IIRC), set the adapter to Standard VGA Adapter, then install the new driver.

2. Call GetAdapterIdentifier on both devices to get the names of them - if both drivers are the same name, see 1b and 1c (or it could be something else - see below). If both drivers have different names, then its 1a.

3. Although it shouldn''t be detected as such, there are flavours of the Geforce2 MX which come with MultiMonitor support (TwinView) where it supports 2 monitors - and you''ll get 2 output devices. The same chip is also used for their laptop card GeForce2 GO (which has one output for the LCD and one for a normal monitor). The driver may for some reason your card is one of those (it may be - check ?!).

Actually along the same lines, does your card have a TVOut (and is the cable connected) - the TVOut is possibly using a second device (640x480 is the base TV resolution).

On a single monitor system D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT is always the monitor/adapter the desktop is running on.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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