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Where can I learn DirectDraw Clipping ?

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Hi, I was wondering where I could find any resource that would show me how to clip under DirectDraw. I know it uses a IDIRECTDRAWCLIPPER interface and all of that - I just need help calling the functions and wondering what half of the fields of that stupid RGNDATA structure that I have to fill in and all the other techinical stuff I''m still not sure of. I tried doing it myself with the best guesses on what does what... and I couldn''t figure it out. I need something a little more explanatory then the msdn library as well and the DirectX7 docs... they''re a little too vague and no of their samples shows how to clip! Thanks, Destroyer

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I downloaded the source and I couldn''t find anything... I coudln''t even browse it properly since I could compile the .lib file. Eeeessh...

Any other resources - Anything - anyone !



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I learned about DDraw clipping from Ian Parberry''s book:

Learn Computer Game Programming with DirectX 7.0

It was a great book as far as writing a small game and he covered clipping ok. Andre Lamothe''s book Tricks of the Game Programming Guru''s book is also very good but slightly dated. (DirectX 6.0)

Good luck,


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I have Andre Lamothe''s book but it isn''t very good when it comes to explaining clipping and he even said "it just makes more sencse when you look at the code" - but when I tried using the function - I didn''t work! The description was also way to vague for me to come up with my own - I tried... but it never worked...

Ack ... any resources that come free

I really don''t want to buy an entirely new book to just learn Direct Draw Clipping... !



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Guest Anonymous Poster
Take a look at the Game Programming Genesis articles on this very site. I think clipping is covered
in one of them.

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Well this is how I do clipping, I don''t use the DDraw Clipper b/c I think it just make things more complicated. However, you will have to use a clipper if you want to do things with GDI, but I''ll assume you just want to clip sprites.

Here''s some code from a function to draw a sprite that performs clipping:

RECT rcRect;
rcRect.left = 0;
rcRect.top = 0;
// dx and dy are the width and height of the sprite

rcRect.right = dx;
rcRect.bottom = dy;

// Culling - the sprite won''t be displayed at all b/c it is fully off the screen.

if(x > 800) return FALSE;
if(y > 600) return FALSE;
if(x <= -dx) return FALSE;
if(y <= -dy) return FALSE;

// Clipping - alters the sprites rectangle to display

// only part of the sprite

// the sprite''s left coordinate is less than 0, therefore

// change the rectangle''s left coordinate to negative

// the sprite''s left coordinate which gives a positive

// value and shrinks the left side of the rectangle

if(x < 0)
rcRect.left = -x;

// do the same to the top coordinate of the rectangle

if(y < 0)
rcRect.top = -y;

// the sprite''s top/left coordinate + width/height = a value

// greater than the width/height of the screen. Therefore it

// has to be clipped by doing width/height of the screen %

// coordinate. In this case the screen is 800x600. The value

// of the operation will shrink the width/height of the

// rectangle to the appropiate value.

if(x+dx > 800)
rcRect.right = 800%x;
if(y+dy > 600)
rcRect.bottom = 600%y;


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