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Volume Textures?

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I am trying to use volume textures in DirectX8. At first, I couldn''t even create a blank volume texture, but then I figured it''s cos my hardware don''t support it. So I used D3DDEVTYPE_REF when creating the device and then I could create empty volume textures. Now I need to fill the volume texture with some color. I can''t seem to lock the volume texture so that I can get a pointer to it and fill it with pixels. What reasons could there be for this? However, if and when I do get a lock and a pointer, how should I go about filling the volume texture? At the moment, I am trying to copy onto each slice of the 3D volume texture from ordinary 2D textures loaded from bitmap files. Is that the right way of doing it? The end effect I am trying to acheive is to use this volume texture to paint a landscape created from a heightmap. Thanks in advance for any help!

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