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frustum culling

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Your frustrum is defined by six clipping planes (near/far/left/right/top/bottom).
Dot product of a point and plane tells in which side of the plane point is. If one or more of these corners is inside the frustrum, it's atleast partially visible [edit](unless frustrum is reasonably bigger than your boxes).
Search for topics and you'll get a lot of topics conserning frustrum culling and plane equitations. There are much great topics. So did I too.

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Check this link:

Tells you how to cull lines. To test if a box is completely outside of the frustum you can make 4 lines out of the box from opposite corners.

|\ |\
| \ | \
| \________|__\
| |H | |G
|D_|________|C |
\ | \ |

Make these line segments:
A - F
B - E
C - H
D - G

Test these 4 lines against your frustum. If all 4 lines are outside then the entire box is outside.


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