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Iso Rendering in 3dmax

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I am amazed at some of the high detail that I can see in
the smallest of graphics (units and buildings) in some RTS games.

I would like to know how do they render graphics as small as
64x64 pixels or even 32x32 pixels and maintain such detail? Are
these graphics the direct result from the 3D rendering program such
as 3dmax (how would they setup the camera for small detailed graphics?)
or do they render the graphics large and then use another graphics
program afterwards to shrink them down?


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Normally if there is a lot of detail in a small environment, it was either very carefully drawn (by hand/mouse) if prerendered, or a larger object normally that is seen smaller through pulling back the camera with a 3D model.

This will allow for there to be aspects that normally wouldnt be seen but show up through animation and give it a lot more sense of detail.


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