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return value on operator overloading

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Greetings all, I have a operator overloading member function. It just compares two values. When the two values are compared shouldn''t a value be returned like "0" or "1" since it is a BOOL type? Thanks. ************************************************************** #include struct Point2d { float x; float y; bool operator<(const Point2d & p1); }; bool Point2d::operator <(const Point2d &p1) {return ((x < p1.x) && (y < p1.y));} int main() { Point2d pt1 = {10.0f, 15.0f}; Point2d pt2 = {110.0f, 8.0f}; cout << "example... " << endl; pt1 < pt2; return 0; } *********************************************************** ----------------------------- "There are ones that say they can and there are those who actually do." "...u can not learn programming in a class, you have to learn it on your own."

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Yes ... the result returned will be either ''true'' or ''false'', which when cast to integers will be ''1'' and ''0'' respectively. When casting from anything TO a bool .. it is important to know that a 0 (or 0.0 floating point) becomes ''false'' and anything non-zero becomes ''true'' ... so if you say:


it will run forever, but if you say


it will not run.

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I suspect your problem is this:

cout << "example... " << endl;
pt1 < pt2;

Try this:

cout << "example... " << endl << (pt1 < pt2) << endl;

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