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Thoughts on policy changes

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Guest Anonymous Poster

Who's complaining about long threads? No one.

How often do these 'supposedly' long threads occur? I only
see 3 12+ threads in the last 3 months or more. Not often.

In fact, I see more 0-1 responses than anything else.

Will this new policy change make a difference to me? Nope. You just
create a new thread and continue with the same topic.

Should I really care? Nope.

Why was this new policy implemented in the first place? Seems
pretty strange to me, only the moderator knows. There is no
'overwhelming' evidence to support it.

However, you would think if a bulletin has X amount of registered members,
you would give each and every member the opportunity to reply to a post,
regardless if the question was answered. So if this bulletin board
has 100+ registered members, let 100+ people post. Who cares.

People who do care simply go somewhere else for answers.


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The reason why the amount of replies is limited is because some surfers have a slow connection and GDN wants to serve the lowest denominator. Fuck that. The limit is ridiculous and prevents topics from flourishing. That should be thrown out of the book. The specific topic thing is cool tho.

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I just read the post on the policy changes and I was going to respond, but because the thread was closed down (presumably because you don't want to hear what we think)I guess I'll just mention my thoughts here.

The issue I have here is the simple deletion of posts with topics such as "HELP ME!" or "I need help!". I will admit that these are irritating, but it seems stupid to simply delete them when you see them. New posters will probably just grow frustated that there posts are constantely deleted. Seriousely, in a few weeks when your policy change message is gone how will they know not to do that!? You'll probably just stop new people from posting! As a compromise I suggest that you warn people the first time they do that, then if they ignore your warnings you should delete there posts. That seems plenty fair.

As a side note I do agree with your policy to close down overly long threads.


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