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Help is C++/Windows

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Currently im using MFC, but ive tried it without MFC and had no luck. My program hasn't taken well at being migrated to normal windows. So to answer your question im using MFC.

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Use AddString().
int AddString( LPCTSTR lpszItem );

String is appended to the list unless you have the sort flag on (LBS_SORT).

If you want it in a certain spot, use InsertString().

By the way, the MSVC help that comes with the compiler is really spiffy for finding this stuff... also http://www.codeguru.com for general MFC-related information.


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Im a begginer to c++/visualc++ and ive run into a prob: how in the world do I add items to a list box? say i have a listbox with the id of IDC_TEST. how would i add the item "test"(as a char array) to the list box?
thanks for reading! any help will be gratefully accepted! -Enix

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