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Controlling 3D object

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I''ve a hand object and I want to assign every finger from the hand to every letter on the keyboard. For example if user type the A letter the first finger will go to that letter. Do I have to make another object for the finger or can I still using the hand object. I''m trying to develop a software that will be teach people how to type in 3D environment. This is for my final year project. (I''m sorry for my broken English)

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kay im not trying to be a smart ass or anything here : ..

if i could program that well (3d gfx and all), id program in IK .. kinetix and all that stuff .. lik ein 3d max ? ..

but to start off, id just make each finger part of the palm/wrist sort of like

hand = palm + finger1, finger2 etc ..

when some body type "types" : A .. the virtual key, would light up, the finger tip area of the appropriate finger would move over the appropriate key, and the finger would animate to "move down" pressing the key.

that should look decent enough ..

if i could program pro .. i would prgram in IK and all ..

i would say the fingers would be children objects connected to the palm object, part of the hand object ..

i dont know if i should be trying to help since i cant program that .. but its the concept i think you''re after, not the code ..

so that''s what i say .. (and think) ..

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