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[web] Re: Remove CSS styles? (378923 )

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Recently I cam across a retired thread: "Hi there, I'm trying to figure out how to remove style info from certain parts of my site - I don't want to just get rid of the CSS files however as it's tied in with the theme I'm using. Specifically, I have an image that I want to use as a link, but the theme is adamant that all links should be underlined and have a ">>" character next to them - this ruins the formatting of the image in firefox 1.5 The page I'm having trouble with is here, the image I'm talking about is the middle one (international cart racing). Is there any way to get rid of the style without having to trawl through the existing css files? I'm not overly familiar with CSS. I've tried various combinations of but can't figure it out. currently the part in question looks like this: International Cart Racing Screenshot Any ideas?" I'm posting this because there actually is a way to remove styles. This thread came up on google right at the top so I'm hoping that this will help answer someone else's question around "Removing styles": Put your html in a separate stream and set up an iframe that links to it. That html will not have any style properties the rest of the site has and you're free to style it any which way you please. Obviously the original question is much better handled by editing the existing CSS but I got stuck with a different problem altogether and iframe never poped up on any searches around "remove styles" so here it is.

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