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Oddly Enough

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Well, oddly enough, I have abandoned my Java Isometric Engine for the time being. The reason I''m doing so is because 1) Jeff K. has managed one hell of a start on one, and I''m going to be busy watching what he manages to do with that...and 2) I''m ramping up at work with dotNet a lot more and need to do some side work with C# and COM Interop (I''ve been working with dotNet since it''s early beta 1 release) and the DirectX8 lib seems as good a set of COM objects as any. Yes, I know all the arguments on using a language other than C++ for game engines (hell, I''m mainly a C++ programmer, so I''ve made them myself), however, since I have to spend some time each day playing with it, why not make a base set of framework classes to work with direct graphics. At least if I keep it CLR compliant, the VB guys will like me when they upgrade. Anyway, after I get the simple 2D tile map class working (in D3D) I''ll get an IsoMap class done. Nothing will really be done in any solid form until after this weekend, as I have a drop of code to QA coming tomorrow and I have a wedding to attend on Saturday. After that, things should calm down a bit and I''ll manage to get some time on this. In any case, all the code for this will be open-source, and I''ll post the URL when the first classes are available. If anyone is interested in the pro''s, con''s, caveats and optimization problems I run into while playing with this, I''ll be glad to give updates. I DO expect to use some unmanaged code for performance reasons. Eboz (aka Richard Ashkettle)

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