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Limiting skysphere's y movement

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Hi, Iv got a skysphere that is centred around the camera using a shader (multiplying the verts positions by the view, then the proj matrix and outputting xyww). Anyway, in the scene there is also a sea plane. As the camera moves up and down the skysphere follows the camera, however because of this the clouds on the skysphere appear to move up and down whilst the sea plane remains in the same place (as it should). Can anyone come up with an idea for limiting the cameras movement in the Y direction so this is not so apparent? Cheers.

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Uh, I don't suppose you can set the sky sphere's scale *really* big and just have it follow the X and Z movements on the player, could you? i.e.
void CSkyObject::UpdatePosition()
skysphere.pos.x = player.pos.x;
skysphere.pos.z = player.pos.z;

Is there a reason why you haven't tried that already?

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