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Ray-Ellipsoid Intersection question

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Hi, I've been [trying] to make a ray tracer, but am running into a problem. I've read, and implemented, but am having a problem. Basically, my ray-sphere intersection checker is receiving a lower value t for a sphere that *should* be farther away than another sphere. So I have two overlapping spheres, but wrong order. Here's my algorithm. Each sphere is only translated and scaled, so I manually set the values rather than invert the transformation matrix and multiply it. Translate and Scale: |Sx 0 0 Tx| |0 Sy 0 Ty| |0 0 Sz Tz| |0 0 0 1 | inverse of that is |1/Sx 0 0 -Tx/Sx| |0 1/Sy 0 -Ty/Sy| |0 0 1/Sz -Tz/Sz| |0 0 0 1 | So then I have my ray origin point and direction, and do the following newOrig.x = (1/Sx)*(ray.x - Tx) newOrig.y = (1/Sy)*(ray.y - Ty) newOrig.z = (1/Sz)*(ray.z - Tz) newD.x = (1/Sx)*rayD.x newD.y = (1/Sy)*rayD.y newD.z = (1/Sz)*rayD.z normalize(newDir) And then do the intersection with a unit sphere at origin with that ray. But like I said, this is returning smaller time values for the wrong sphere. Can anyone see a (likely obvious) problem I'm missing? Thanks for any help

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