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critique plz first characters (3d)

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Hey Axafekt,

the first one looks best to my mind, the others are a little weird.

if you need help with anatomy, then get DazStudio (or better Poser 7 or Pro, but Daz is free).

You can get male and female figures for free and you can pose them any way you like/need.

Daz Studio
Really nice free content
Free 3D bridge content pack

I hope this helps you! Oh yea, I'm in no way affiliated with any of those websites or Daz3D, so this is definitely not me trying to sell stuff. It's just what I found and use myself :)

Cheers, Chris

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This is probably too many images for one thread. It would be easier to critique if you picked a single model, took several views of it, and described the visual style and character personality you were going for.

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