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Camera controls for a 3D physics puzzle game

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I'm having trouble coming up with intuitive camera controls for a 3D physics puzzle game called "Dominoze". The goal is to let the player very easily observe / study any object they see on the screen. They should also be able to zoom out, and see everything all at once to see how everything fits together. A number of my testers, and myself included, also want everything in between -- just being able to float around the puzzle at basically height, and just look around. It's hard to explain any further with just is a link to a screen shot of a simple level; as well as some links to an unstable alpha build of the game itself. Then you can see how it behaves now (by playing the tutorial), and hopefully throw some suggestions my way. * Simple level screenshot: * More Dominoze screenshots * Sign-up for the Dominoze Alpha * Forums where you can download the latest internal alpha release (unstable) after signing up for the alpha (250 MB download)

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