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weird aspect ratio problem in D3D7 with D3DX

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Well I don''t know if anyone''s around that still uses D3D7, but I noticed something interesting when I tried to set the aspect ratio with the D3DXMatrixPerspectiveFov function (I don''t know if the problem exists in other functions as well). I first set the aspect ratio to the width / height, which is my case was 800/600 which equals 4/3(1.333...). However, the scene looked stretched out. I had equivalent code in OpenGL (same resolution, fov, etc.) and I didn''t get the distortion. I played around with the values and eventually placed 0.75 as the aspect ratio (recriprocal of 4/3, 600/800, etc.) and the distortion went away. So can anyone explain why this occurs? Did MS make a mistake or something? Digital Radiation

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