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Freebie: Game avatar sprite sheets

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Here are a few different versions of 2 sprite sheets of a female elf character in an orange jumpsuit. Sprites are available at 128x128px and 200x200px for each image. This was made by one of our artists (Iloneh) with Poser (she proposed releasing them so I have her full support in the matter), figure Aiko3 and the orange jumpsuit were made by Use without worries any way you like - it's now copylefted to you, just please don't claim you made them :) Sprite folder on gamemakerworld It's a simple folder listing with links to all the files in there. We will keep adding to this collection, so if you like you can bookmark the link and check back regularly if you liked the stuff. Male characters and more outfits will be next. Opinions, requests and constructive criticism are welcome. If you use this please post a reply, but it's no obligation :) Cheers, Chris

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