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Ps3 Boot help

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Hi came home today after the kids had been using the Ps3 and when i turn it on it starts to load i get the boot sound but there are no icons, also when i put a game in there is a load icon flashing like if its loading game but that’s as fare as it goes. Is there some like a Boot CD that will repair the Ps3 operating system without losing all my data on there. Or does anyone have a way they can help my Ps3 work again. I have played with boot CDs on windows and fdisk so i got a little understanding on how things work. Started reading about Boot CDs for a PS3 and came across this link But didn’t really understand without reading more so thought i would ask for help. Just thought this would be the best place to start and hope someone can help or point me a direction. From that link i tried "** force the game-os to boot ** To force the PS3 to boot into the game-os, shutdown the PS3, then press and hold the power button on the front of the system until a beep is heard, then Release the power button. The video mode and boot flag settings will be re-set to the defaults and the game-os will boot." But after that when the PS3 boots i don’t get the boot sound from the PS3 Thanks for your time doj harris

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