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Animated Mesh Collision

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I am wondering how the bow/arrow collision is done in Shadow of the Colossus with an animated mesh. In the game, you are able to shoot arrows at the colossi. If the arrow hits a furry part of the enemy, it will stick, and stay in the skin even as the enemy moves around (just like you would imagine). If you hit a protected area of the enemy, the arrow bounces off. In my current prototype implementation, I am using various bounding volumes, which are placed at the bones of the animated mesh. This kind of works, but it is not terribly accurate and there are some definite visual errors associated with this approach. Also, I am unable to differentiate between 'protected areas' and 'soft areas' unless I specifically place a bone at each of these locations. I would think that Shadow of the Colossus is doing some type of per-triangle raycast test (probably after an initial bounding volume pass).. but then again, it is PS2, so this may be too expensive. Any thoughts on how to approach this problem? Thanks.

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