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Lower level rendering details

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Hello, I have been working on the rendering system in my engine and have some questions. I have my higher level representation mostly down (A scene graph for the world, creates a renderList(queue), sent to the renderer). Firstly, where do you handle data prep for the shader say.. I need the world inverse transpose. Inside of my render loop where I am rendering my RenderList I have the world matrix available, would you just inverse transpose it right there? Or should this somehow be done earlier? Maybe stored in the renderChunk? What about the world*view*proj? Again, Should it be done earlier? Or should it be done right there while the data is available? The question is slightly misguided but the main idea is I don't like having to do these calculation's in my otherwise neat and clean render cycle. It seems like this data should already be prepared and I can just drop it into the shader and move on. Also, What is a material as you think of it? Is it a place where you store the shader type, parameters, textures? or is it a place where light reflectance info is stored? or is it just anything that defines a surface? It has been confusing me for some time. Thanks in advance!

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