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FBO and texture switch

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hello, I attach a texture to FBO color attachment and render to it, all fine.I then attach another texture to the same attachement point and use the old texture that was previously attached as a sampler in a shader and render to the FBO. in my shader I simply sample the previous texture and output to the new texture so I should be getting the same texture but I get a black texture in my new texture, here is what I do: FBObind rendering remembercurrentFBOtexture FBOattach_secondtexture secondtexture=previoustexture takeprevioustextureandpassittoashader renderwithshader FBOunbind ... after this in my FBO current target should be a texture looking just like previous texture but there is only black texture. Can I work with FBO like this? I mean attach a new texture, take old texture, sample it in a shader and output to FBO ?

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