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Luabind: call_function, shared_ptr and garbage collector

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Hello folks, I'm trying to instantiate class (base = cpp, derived = lua) with shared_ptr as holder using luabind::call_function. Everything seems to be okay for the first sight, but when i call lua_gc to collect garbage - shared_ptr instance of base class created via luabind::call_function reduces its use_call value to become 1 (as expected), but instance of script-derived class does not and stays 2. Then, i call virtual function - and get a crash on base instance, but not derived. Here's the code: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// struct Base { Base() {} virtual ~Base() {} virtual void fn() { std::cout << "Base::fn()" << std::endl; } }; struct BaseWrap: Base, luabind::wrap_base { BaseWrap() : Base() {} virtual void fn() { luabind::call_member<void>(this, "fn"); } static void default_fn(Base* base) { base->Base::fn(); } }; void test_main(lua_State* L) { using namespace luabind; using boost::shared_ptr; module(L) [ class_<Base, shared_ptr<Base>, BaseWrap>("Base") .def(constructor<>()) .def("fn", &Base::fn, &BaseWrap::default_fn) ]; DOSTRING(L, "class 'Derived' (Base)\n" "function Derived:__init()\n" " Base.__init(self)\n" "end\n" "function Derived:fn()\n" " print('Derived:fn()')\n" "end\n" ); shared_ptr<Base> my_base_object = call_function<shared_ptr<Base>>(globals(L)["Base"]); shared_ptr<Base> my_derived_object = call_function<shared_ptr<Base>>(globals(L)["Derived"]); //my_base_object use_count = 2 //my_derived_object use_count = 2 lua_gc(L, LUA_GCCOLLECT, 0); //my_base_object use_count = 1 //my_derived_object use_count = 2 (why???) my_base_object->fn(); // crash here. if skip this line... my_derived_object->fn(); //...this one runs fine } ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Is there something wrong? note: i was trying vs2005/gcc; both luabind and lua are built as static libs. [Edited by - tjr303 on March 15, 2009 5:22:51 PM]

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