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variance shadow mapping

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hello all, I have this question about VSM. It's algorithm goes like this:
float ChebyshevUpperBound(vec2 Moments, float pixdepth, float g_MinVariance)  

    float p = float(pixdepth <= Moments.x);

    float Variance = Moments.y - (Moments.x*Moments.x);
    Variance = max(Variance, g_MinVariance);

    float d = (Moments.x - pixdepth);
    float p_max = Variance / (Variance + d * d); 

    return max(p, p_max);

see line : float d = (Moments.x - pixdepth); this means that further the pixel is the stronger shadow I get... with this approach I get lighter shadow in areas closer to occluder and darker ones further from occluder. This is just wrong as I would like to have constant shadow. How can I achieve constant shadow area ?

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