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Clipping problem in OpenGL MDI app

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I''m new to OpenGL programming, so I apologize in advance if this is trivial. I''m writing an MDI application for Windows 9X/2000 that uses OpenGL in certain windows. In order to improve performance, I create each OpenGL window with its own device context and rendering context and save the handles in the extra memory I set aside when I create the window. Everything seems to be working fine, i.e., the correct information is drawn into the correct window. However, then another application window is over mine and I move the other application window, my application draws the contents of my MDI windows in the other application. I''m sure it''s got to be a problem with the GDI not identifying the correct clipping region, but I can''t figure out what to do. Can I get away with grabbing a GDI handle once (as I''m doing now), or do I need to grab a handle and create an OpenGL rendering context every time I want to draw?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Are you having problems using w2k and OpenGL in software? If so use hardware accleration and see the following ref.

BUG: Clipping Problems with Generic Implementation of OpenGL for Windows 2000


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