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Blurring without shaders

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hi I'm performing a post glow effect, I'm making use of render targets for use as textures for my quad (I think that is the normal way), but I cannot use shaders for performing blurring (gaussian or...), how can I do it without shaders? please help me in finding a way for performing this technique, is there any simple sample (of course not Post process sample of SDK!) I've read in one of the posts that I should do something like this: offscreen_texture0 = stretchrect( back buffer ) offscreen_texture1 = first 1x7 pass on offscreen_tetxure0 offscreen_texture1 += second 1x7 pass with additive blending offscreen_texture2 = first 7x1 pass on offscreen_tetxure0 offscreen_texture2 += second 7x1 pass with additive blending backbuffer += ( offscreen_texture1 * offscreen_texture2 ) but how can I perform it? thanks in advance

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