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crash in asCCompiler::CompilatorOnHandles

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A very simple line of AS code causes a crash in asCCompiler::CompilatorOnHandles
8543: if( (node->tokenType == ttEqual || node->tokenType == ttNotEqual) &&
8544: ((!lctx->type.isExplicitHandle && !(lctx->type.dataType.GetObjectType()->flags & asOBJ_IMPLICIT_HANDLE)) ||
8545:  (!rctx->type.isExplicitHandle && !(rctx->type.dataType.GetObjectType()->flags & asOBJ_IMPLICIT_HANDLE))) )

The crash is caused by the following lines if the getClient() method does not exist:
if( @other.client == ent.getClient() )

if( ent.getClient() == @other.client )

Depending on the order of operands library crashes either on line 8544 or line 8545 (referencing NULL pointer at dataType->GetObjectType()).

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The fix for this is simple. Just check if the GetObjectType() method returns null before checking the flags.

if( (node->tokenType == ttEqual || node->tokenType == ttNotEqual) &&
((!lctx->type.isExplicitHandle && !(lctx->type.dataType.GetObjectType() && (lctx->type.dataType.GetObjectType()->flags & asOBJ_IMPLICIT_HANDLE))) ||
(!rctx->type.isExplicitHandle && !(rctx->type.dataType.GetObjectType() && (rctx->type.dataType.GetObjectType()->flags & asOBJ_IMPLICIT_HANDLE)))) )

It only crashed if the types were not valid handle types, in this case because of ent.getClient() not existing.

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