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Hurting Hardcore for a Level Editor

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PSioNiC    122
Im currently using Cinema4D for all my 3d modeling, but it wasn''t designed for making levels. I can make some pretty sweet terrains with it, but building are horid. Is there are good Level Editor somewhere that handles terrain AND buildings and rooms and things ? I''ve never used Milkshape before, but from what I hear about it, its quite the game developer''s modeler (but that might just be because its free which is compatible with us food-stamp-collecting game developers) Can Milkshape handle all those things ?

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gmcbay    130
Try QERadiant:

Its the level editor for Quake 2/3 and other Quake engine games. It is great at general world geometry (like buildings very well) and has some terrain functionality in the newer versions. You may have to write a custom exporter for it, depending upon what your current data formats are.
QERadiant is free to obtain but legally you may need to license it for use in commercial development, be sure to check the FAQ/docs to be sure.

You may also want to take a look at leveller:

Leveller is a dedicated terrain building program with support for plugins that do lots of cool things. It had no real support for other types of world geometry, but it can export to a lot of different formats, so you may be able to create your terrain in Leveller, your other stuff in QERadiant, and then wedge them together. Leveller is shareware, but well worth the money, IMO, if you''re going to be doing a lot of terrain editing work.

Milkshape''s focus is on creating (low to medium count) animated character models, not world geometry.

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