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The Golden Question of PhysX wheels

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Hi. I do something similar to your project, namely rally by cars. There is a car on 8 wheels. A forward control (4 wheels). [IMG]: ... mimage.jpg LateralStiffnessFactor and LongitudaStiffnessFactor for all wheels: wheelShapeDesc.lateralTireForceFunction.stiffnessFactor = 100000000.0f; wheelShapeDesc.longitudalTireForceFunction.stiffnessFactor = 100000000.0f; PhysX accepts stiffnessFactor = const, stiffnessFactor it is necessary to consider most. Otherwise here that turns out on car turning movements: [IMG]: ... image2.jpg [AVI] = 80 Kb There is a variant to do through the formula Pacejka, but I can not understand her. You do not inform by a FRAGMENT OF CODE, how you decide the given problem? P.S. sorry for my awful English…

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