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custom AnimatedSprite class

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Hello everyone! I've created a custom AnimatedSprite class in SDL. It encapsulates a 2D vector of Sprite objects.

// "Min" headers

#include "Min_Image.hpp"
#include "Min_Sprite.hpp"

#include "Min_Debug.hpp"

#include <algorithm>
#include <vector>

namespace Min
	// class declarations
	class SpriteSet;
	class AnimatedSprite;

	class SpriteSet
		friend class AnimatedSprite;

		unsigned _offset;
		unsigned _currentSprite, _lastSprite, _numSprites;
		bool _initialized;

		SpriteSet() : _offset(0), _currentSprite(0), _lastSprite(0), _numSprites(0), _initialized(false)

	// represents an animated sprite
	// AnimatedSprite contains a vector of Sprites
	class AnimatedSprite

		// constructor
		AnimatedSprite() {}
		// destructor
		virtual ~AnimatedSprite(); // needed to free storage from _SpriteVector

		void AddSprite(SpriteSet &spr_set, const std::string &spriteFileName);

		// blit a set of Sprites and move to the next sprite (or back if backwards is true)
		void BlitSet(SpriteSet &spr_set, Sint16 x, Sint16 y, bool backwards = false);
		// blit only the current sprite
		void BlitCurrent(SpriteSet &spr_set, Sint16 x, Sint16 y);

		// sets the current Sprite to the next/prev
		void SetNextSprite(SpriteSet &spr_set);
		void SetPrevSprite(SpriteSet &spr_set);


		// set a colorkey for all sprites in all vectors
		void SetColorKey(const SDL_Color &key);
		void SetColorKey(const Uint8 red, const Uint8 green, const Uint8 blue);

		// set a colorkey for the SpriteSet passed
		void SetColorKey(SpriteSet &spr_set, const SDL_Color &key);
		void SetColorKey(SpriteSet &spr_set, const Uint8 red, const Uint8 green, const Uint8 blue);

		// x, y, w AND h FUNCTIONS

		// return x, y, w and h or the current Sprite in spr_set
		Sint16 x(const SpriteSet spr_set) const {return _SpriteVector[spr_set._offset][spr_set._currentSprite]->x();}
		Sint16 y(const SpriteSet spr_set) const {return _SpriteVector[spr_set._offset][spr_set._currentSprite]->y();}
		Sint16 w(const SpriteSet spr_set) const {return _SpriteVector[spr_set._offset][spr_set._currentSprite]->w();}
		Sint16 h(const SpriteSet spr_set) const {return _SpriteVector[spr_set._offset][spr_set._currentSprite]->h();}

		// set the position
		virtual void SetPos(SpriteSet &spr_set, Sint16 x, Sint16 y); // for a SpriteSet
		virtual void SetPos(Sint16 x, Sint16 y); // for all Sprites

		// move
		virtual void Move(SpriteSet &spr_set, Sint16 dx, Sint16 dy);
		virtual void Move(Sint16 dx, Sint16 dy);

		// returns the rectangle of the current Sprite in spr_set
		virtual SDL_Rect rect(SpriteSet &spr_set) {return _SpriteVector[spr_set._offset][spr_set._currentSprite]->rect();}

		// (OVERRIDE) collision functions (arguments that are passed are not const because their might be side effects
		virtual void HandleCollision(SDL_Rect &r) {}
		virtual void HandleCollision(AnimatedSprite &aspr) {}
		virtual void HandleCollision(Sprite &spr) {}

		// (OVERRIDE) handle input specific to this class
		virtual void HandleInput(SDL_Event &event) {}

		// returns true if spr_set is in use with this AnimatedSprite object
		bool UsedByThis(const SpriteSet &spr_set)
		{return std::count(_all_addresses.begin(), _all_addresses.end(), (long)&spr_set)-
		std::count(_own_addresses.begin(), _own_addresses.end(), (long)&spr_set) == 0;}

		// vector of vectors containing Sprite* objects (on the heap)
		std::vector<std::vector<Sprite*>> _SpriteVector;

		// addresses
		static std::vector <long> _all_addresses;
		std::vector <long> _own_addresses;


		// copy constructor & assignment operator
		// not defined
		AnimatedSprite(const AnimatedSprite &);
		AnimatedSprite& operator = (const AnimatedSprite &);

		// creates an new Sprite set
		void CreateSet(SpriteSet &spr_set);

		// contains debugging code
		void dbg(const SpriteSet &spr_set);


2D vector? Here's why. Let's say I create an AnimatedSprite knight. Knight must have sprites to move and to attack for example. The SpriteSet class comes then. It allows for different "categories" of sprites in an AnimatedSprite object; AnimatedSprite knight; SpriteSet knightMoveSet, knightAttackSet; knight.AddSprite(knightMoveSet, "...."); knight.AddSprite(knightMoveSet, "...."); knight.AddSprite(knightAttackSet, "...."); knight.AddSprite(knightAttackSet, "...."); The SpriteSet objects are used to distinguish which category to use. But it requires that AnimatedSprite object has one or more SpriteSet objects working with it. On the other hand, if SpriteSet didn't exist, I would need to have different AnimatedSprites for each animation. What do you think is best?

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About the 2D vector, am i getting it right ?

SpriteVector[SpriteSet Number][Sprite Number]

How about add a function addSpriteSet() ?

class AnimatedSprite
void addSpriteSet(...);
std::vector<SpriteSet*> m_vpSpriteSet;

class SpriteSet
void addSprite(...);
std::vector<Sprite*> m_vpSprite;

so that u can create a AnimatedSprite with controllable number SpriteSets

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I used an AddSpriteSet() function but I was forgetting to use it, so nasty errors were caused. I actually thought of something else.

Two classes: Animation and AnimatedSprite.

Animation contains a vector of Sprite* objects. So Animation is just a simple "animation", like only moving forward.

AnimatedSprite contains a map object, with a string object as key and an Animation object as the second. So different animation will be added and distinguished by the string, which is easier to remember that having spriteSet objects.

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