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Blue Flame Entertainment

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I am president and head programmer at Blue Flame Entertainment (BFE) and I am looking for artists, MIDI artists, other (Visual Basic) programmers, a web site designer (our web site is, and possibly a storyline editor. If you request more information or want to apply for a position please e-mail me at Thank you. P.S. BFE is currently in the research and development stage of a tile based RPG, which has yet to be named. -Domenic Matesic, President and Head Programmer of Blue Flame Entertainment

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1. This forum has a board called "Help Wanted". A cursory inspection of the board description reveals the following message : "Are you looking for a team to join or for someone to join your team? Post about it here. " This board exists so that people can post stuff like this without spamming every board on the forum with the same advert.

2. The web sites of professional games companies dont have the following text on them....

Click here to access your site building tools.
(Forgot your password? Click here.)
Need Help? Click here for tips on getting started and technical support.
Looking for some ideas for your Web site? Click here to see what other Freeservers members are doing with their sites.

3. Professional games companies dont write games in VB.

Sorry if this seems a bit scathing, but I hate it when people claim to be the CEO of some non-existent game company when in actual fact they are just some 14 yr old kid looking for people to help him make his kewl game.

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