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deconstructing exceptions woes...

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Hello, I''m having trouble with deconstructing my SceneGraph class. Exception would be thrown, why I don''t know... Help me out here ya''ll. my class hierarchy: I have 3 classes KSceneGraph, KTransformNode, and KGeoNode derived from KObject class. KSceneGraph contains a list of KTransformNodes and KtransformNodes contain a leaf node which is a KGeoNode object. Here is a simple console program to illustrate my problem:
KSceneGraph root;

int main()

	char text_1[50];
	char text_2[50];
	char text_3[50];

	KTransformNode* node;
	node = new KTransformNode();


	delete node; //throws exception here...

	return 0;


And the part that is the problem...this is where the debugers get stuck at...

	while(head->next !=NULL)
		current = head->next;
		head->next = current->next;
		delete current;
	delete GeoNode;
	delete head;

All help appreciated.

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What are ''head'' and ''current'' in your KTransformNode destructor?

Are the aLso KTransformNodes?

When you construct whatever it is, are you setting the ->next value to NULL initially? If you do not set it to NULL in the beginning, when you do if (head->next != NULL) it will most likely still pass even if it was never assigned a node. So you will be trying to destruct something that is not really there.

Otherwise I would use Run To Cursor in Debug to the first line of the destructor and step through, checking the values of each pointer before it is destructed.


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I fixed it. Seems like it was caused by the ordering or the deconstruction(whatever that means), so I implemented a free_node method which does the desconstruction, and it works! Yay, it feels so good after a long session of bug slaying, and heck no I don't like bugs. I sound like they're my friends or something, anyway to the coffee machine!

delete node;

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