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Map drawing trouble

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Hi! I am very new to isometric tile drawing, and I have been having a hell of a time trying to get a draw map function to work correctly. I managed to get a rectangular tile map working just fine, but this one is escaping me (and I have read every article here on GameDev as well as some others such as chapter 12 from the book at Isohex.net). Here is what I am trying to do: I am using 1:1 isometric tiles that are 44x44. What is really escaping me is the math in the FOR loops. I know it is supposed to be very simple but for some reason what I am using just isn''t working and rather than spend another 2 days running into the same problems, I figured I would ask here If anyone could please give me an example of something like this... I have read plenty of articles to know how its *supposed* to be done and that doesn''t work, so any code specifics would help trmendously Sorry if this sounds too "newbie"! Thanks in advance.

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Down at the bottom there''s a tutorial on figuring out the math for any ISO tile.

It should be easy from there.


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Well I got that part worked out... It draws the map fine but now I have another problem - that is smooth movement around the map. Right now for some reason the tiles JUMP as you move. I found how to fix that, but when I fix that is messed up my drawing boundaries! Here is the code I am using, maybe someone can figure out where I am going wrong...

bool DrawTiles()
int x, y, i;
RECT rcDest;
BYTE byTile;

// Tile location of the upper left corner of the screen

int xStart = mapData.xScreen / 44; // xScreen is the pixel coordinate for movement

int yStart = mapData.yScreen / 44; // yScreen is the pixel coordinate for movement

// Set the RECT of the first tile to be drawn

rcDest.left = xStart * 44 - mapData.xScreen;
rcDest.top = yStart * 44 - mapData.yScreen;
rcDest.right = rcDest.left + 44;
rcDest.bottom = rcDest.top + 44;

RECT rcTemp = rcDest; // Will need a backup!

for(x=0; x<30; x++)
// if we are on an odd row, i will be TRUE

i = (x+2)%2;

// increment the RECT for the next tile

rcDest.top += 22;
rcDest.bottom += 22;
rcDest.left = rcTemp.left;
rcDest.right = rcTemp.right;

// offset the RECT and tile coord for an odd row

yStart += 1;
rcDest.left -= 22;
rcDest.right -= 22;
// on an even row, increment the coord down 1 full tile

if(x > 0)
xStart += 1;

for(y=0; y<18; y++)
// current tile coords being drawn

xCurr = xStart + y;
yCurr = yStart - y;

// increment the bounding RECT

rcDest.left += 44;
rcDest.right += 44;

// make sure we arent drawing past the map limits

if(xCurr >= 0 && xCurr <= mapData.xMax && yCurr >= 0 && yCurr <= mapData.yMax)
// this is just a makeshift linked list for testing, it works for now

i = mapLoc[xCurr][yCurr].nNumTiles-1;
byTile = mapLoc[xCurr][yCurr].tileData[i].byTile;

// if there is a tile in that spot, BLT it!!

if(byTile > 0)
g_pDDSBack->Blt(&rcDest, mapData.pDDSTileset, &lptileInfo[byTile]->rcLocation, DDBLT_WAIT | DDBLT_KEYSRC, NULL);

return true;

Excuse me if it looks a little sloppy, I am trying to get it WORKING before I go optimize every little detail

As you can see, mapData.xScreen and mapData.yScreen are the pixel coords of the map, and somewhere between that and the starting RECT are where I think my problems are...

Thanks in advance

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If anyone feels like they might be able to help, i can post the program and show what it is doing, just let me know! please!

Even if there is another way entirely to do this math... Thanks!

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This answer comes maybe a little bit too late, if not well just read it.

You have to check if your position in the world can be devided by 44 (since you have 44*44 tile). If it is then you can display the full tile. If not you have to "slide" the RECT to display a part of the tile. How much? the result of the previous division.

I think this should work, you should have a smooth movement.

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