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OpenGL Why is the OpenGL board so quiet?

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wcmike    122
I have been unable to decide if I should first focus on learning OpenGL or DirectX (I''m sure you all of heard that). I''ve been reading a lot of posts here and at some other message boards and a lot of people have favored OpenGL over DirectX. This makes me think "Great, I will learn that then." I look here at the forums and I notice that DirectX has tons of more posts than OpenGL. Am I simply talking to a biased crowd? I seriously have heard about an 80-20 ratio of people favoring OpenGL to DirectX. DirectX dominates the forum, however. I''ve been trying to figure out why this is but I have no idea. I really did not want to post this because it is quite a sensitive topic (flame war) but I am clueless. Please tell me why DirectX dominates this board! Thank you for your time.

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Guest Anonymous Poster   
Guest Anonymous Poster
Probably because DX can be quite newbie unfriendly by using COM components and such...I personally do not like DirectX because of the reliance on COM, but if that does not intimidate you, I would recommend it over OpenGL. OpenGL has been static for far too long, and it''s starting to be surpassed in features by DirectX, and unless the OpenGL committee releases a new OpenGL library it''s gonna be left in the dust pretty soon here =D

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Serge K    154
Original post by wcmike
Please tell me why DirectX dominates this board!

Maybe, peaple have much more problems with DirectX?

But seriously - OpenGL-only forum is newborn one.
You need to look at "NeHe Productions : Everything OpenGL" for an "old" part (its number of posts is ~50% of DirectX forum).

(btw, in DirectX forum you''ll find questions not only about its 3D part (Direct3D), but also DirectDraw/DirectInput/COM/etc..)

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Obelix    122
It is not a critical decision. You can switch between them and use that you have learn with the other API.

If you count all posts here on gamedev would you probably get something like 80-20 in favor of OpenGL vs Direct3D. I think Direct3D has been much more popular the last year so perhaps is it more like 50-50 now?

Some reasons for this:
1. The strength of the MS brand. I think this is by far the most important.
2. You will have some Direct3D tutorials now like nexe and drunken hyena.
3. The API is really much better since they took OpenGL as the ideal.
4. X-Box

The last year was a great year for OpenGL also.
1. Now do you have cutting edge 3D on Mac and linux.
2. OpenGL will take full advantage of the latest and greatest hardware such as nvidias GF3.

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zedzeek    529
>>Please tell me why DirectX dominates this board<<

could it be youre looking at the total number of posts per group which is about directx 43000 + opengl 300. until last week the opengl forum didnt exist and the directx one was called something like directx + opengl + other apis.
whoops :o i see sergeK has already writtent his

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Guest Anonymous Poster   
Guest Anonymous Poster

about an 80-20 ratio of people

Why not simply say a 4:1 ratio?

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mittens    1323
As was previously stated, the OGL board didn''t exist until last week. We have gotten 300 REAL posts in a week, so I don''t think we are quiet. The DX board has gotten just about as many (but we started out at 0 posts, the DX board started at above 60000).

Trent (ShiningKnight)
E-mail me
OpenGL Game Programming Tutorials

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wcmike    122
Ok, thanks for the replies everyone.

btw, I said 80-20 instead of 4:1 because I like to think in terms of percent.

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CodeSmith    122
Although you have already heard a bijillion things, here is the bijillionth and first

OpenGL : GREAT! I love OpenGL and use it exclusively... not only is it MUCH MUCH MUCH easier for the beginner, but it is extreamly well made.

DirectX : Although Direct 3D is on my ''things I hate'' list, in reality it is a better API because in OpenGL it ither works or dosn''t... you may have an OpenGL extension on your card, but if someone else dosn''t they are screwed. DirectX however by using the hardware abstraction layer vs the hardware emulation layer can do things even if your computer can''t support them.

So short awnser, yes, OpenGL. Long awnser, DirectX... they both have their pros and cons, but for a beginner DEFINENTLY OpenGL because of it''s ease of use!

CodeSmith the Pixel Pusher

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Guest Anonymous Poster   
Guest Anonymous Poster
Now keep in mind that I''m a dumb idjit who''s never read proper books on anything in his whole life, :D but I''ve been having a tough time figuring out what exactly it is that D3D8 does that OpenGL doesn''t.

Vertex buffers are neat and all, but how are they different from display lists? And which of the two are harder to implement? (I spent all of 10 seconds reading about, understanding, and then implementing display lists in a testbox (much props for NeHe :D (nested paranths are fun)))) Locking textures? glTexSubImage.

The one thing I do see is the fact that D3D8 emulates things with software, but to my knowledge, that''s only when using the reference driver, which isn''t usually (pronounced: ever, except when testing ) the best way to go. (it''s entirely possible I''m full of it in this regard, and many others though :D )

So.. uh.. how''s D3D8 better again, if it offers pretty much the same functionality, and is arguably as simple? (I find it harder, but I''ll assume that the reverse is possible, depending on the individual using it)

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