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Zeblar Nagrim

3ds file reading trouble

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Zeblar Nagrim    150
I´m working on a program that read a binary 3ds file, and I can´t read Faces material list (chunk 0x4130)! This is very bad because this information is really importent for my objects (it´s a list of triangles that belong to a diffrent materials and without this information all faces have the same material). Anybody know why? I can´t even find a chunck with that ID! Zeblar Nagrim, Lord of Chaos

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phueppl1    122
I hope you read in the name (string) of the object... that was what corrupted my .3ds loader for some time... and if you did so, make sure you watch that the string is aligned to 2 Bytes, (read an extra byte if you string has an uneven length :O)...

hope that helps,

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