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DOS and drive letters.

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Kompi    122
I''m currently co-coding with someone on a sort of 2D gameengine project, and as of right now we''re busy with making an editor to deal with most things (and testing them in the editor itself, or small side-projects) Right now, the problem is that we need a proper load/save system, with file browsing and everything. Right now there''s one thing that''s needed critically, that I can''t figure out though: How to find out which drive letters are available in the system. (So you can''t accidentally try to access a nonexistant drive X This all is regular C code in DOS using DJGPP. I''d apprechiate if anyone could clue me in on a good way to accomplish this.. "Goodness reflects the light; and evil, bears the seed of all darkness. These are the mirrors of the soul, the reflections of the mind. -Choose well..." (Unknown)

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