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If I remember right could you not have multiple windows in AUX but GLUT can. It is several bugs/limitations in AUX so GLUT is that everybody recommends. I think the author of the OpenGL superbible had a list of the bugs on his homepage. I do not have the URL but if you are interested is the information somewhere on the net...

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from the faq

What is the AUX library?
Very important: Don''t use AUX. Use GLUT instead.
The AUX library was developed by SGI early in OpenGL''s
life to ease creation of small OpenGL demonstration programs.
It''s currently neither supported nor maintained. Developing
OpenGL programs using AUX is strongly discouraged. Use the
GLUT instead. It''s more flexible and powerful and is
available on a wide range of platforms.
For related information, see the GLUT
Section and SGI''s

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