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how would you implement a script?

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oh crap .. damn escape key.. I had just finished a nice reply for you.. but now its gone oh well.. ill sum it up eventhough its 5am.

1. network your script files
By this i eman use a master script
file to call your sub script files that load your data/graphics,initilize your game logic,
run your game, clean up. do all this by using a master script file to call your subdivided scripts
2. the best example i can recomded to you is jedi knights, easiley the most hackable game of all times because of its blatant use of external script files that are just soooo easy to edit. there scripting files were called "COG" files .cog that is
just get a hold of a few and see how they are interweaved and take a look at them to get a general idea... now your thinking where the hell do i get cogs from right ?
email me at antix1@hotmail.com if you dont know about hacking into the compersed Jedi knights files. ill send you some examples of extranally called scripts

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would you have a file w/ the script info that could be loaded by your game...
like this:
mov, t, 23, u, l, r, d
could mean to move a tile(23) up, left, right and down.
would you have a function to read the script and then a switch to act upon it?

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