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[java] Input From User Movement and Collison Detection...

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I am working on a game and im having some difficulties. I cant figure out how to get input from the keyboard (up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow) then make the image move on the screen also if i can get this to work i would like to know how you detect if 2 objects collide thanks for any replys

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1. To get input from the keyboard, you can implement the KeyListener Interface, in (I assume) your applet (or app):
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class MyCoolApplet extends Applet implements KeyListener {
Rectangle r1;

public void init() {
addKeyListener(this); // add the listener to your applet

requestFocus(); // so your applet can recieve key events

// other init stuff :)

// x,y starting Pos of your object

// width - width of your object

// height - height of your object

r1 = new Rectangle(x,y,width,height);

// when the key is pressed this method is called

public void keyPressed(KeyEvent e){
switch(e.getKeyCode()) {
case KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT:
// move object/player to the left

r1.x += amount_to_move;
case KeyEvent.VK_LEFT:
// move left

r1.x -= amount_to_move;
case KeyEvent.VK_UP;
// up, inverted cause the screen is

r1.y -= amount_to_move;
case KeyEvent.VK_DOWN;
// down

r1.y += amount_to_move;

public void paint(Graphics g) { update(g);}

public void update(Graphics g) {
// draw your object/player at r1.x,r1.y


public void keyReleased(KeyEvent e){}
public void keyTyped(KeyEvent e){}

2. Collision detection, this is a really easy way, it uses bounding boxes. Around each object in your game you should have box that defines it''s boundaries:
// using r1 from above

// other obj (enemy possibly)

Rectangle r2 = new Rectangle(x2,y2,width2,height2);

// to test if r1 has collided with r2 :

if(r1.intersects(r2)) {
// they have collided!!!


I hope that helped.

Cheers, JP.

I feel like a kid in some kind of store...

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