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Hi, I WAS creating a dialog-base program to show colors in a picture box (as a test app.). (You know, to change the picture-box''s back-color to a user-defined color). I tried almost anything. I was using MFC''s dialog-app. project. Could someone please tell me how to use a control''s members (like VB where you could coded ''text1.text="Hallo world!"'' (like the ".text" part).) I would really appreciate it! Thanks! ----------=Last Attacker=---------- ICQ: 120585863 E-mail:

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Yo dude!

Mmh, I''m a litle confused but I''ll try to help anyways. Do you want to change the text of an edit box or something or the "text1.text" example was related to the picture box color?
I don''t know how to change the color of a picture box but you could try with SetBitmap() (function of CStatic, class of the picture box).

To access the control members in a dialog you can have a "linked" control or variable as a member variable of you dialog (go to class wizard -> Member Variables).

If this didn''t help let me know, I''ll try to be more specific.
You should be too. =)

See ya ''round.

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