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Hi! I was experimenting with the Wincon.h header (included in my project ofcource). And I managed to atleast change the titlebar of the Win32Console.

int main()
     AllocConsole(); //Start console

     Return 0;
Thats the fearthest I came, if I tried to add the code to insert colored text, the compiler, compiled successfully but when the app. ran, windows came up with an "illegal error operation". I could''nt understand it. If anyone can propably help me, PLEASE do so! Thanks! ----------=Last Attacker=---------- ICQ: 120585863 E-mail:

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Did you remember to get the Console handle before trying to Set the text color?

HANDLE ConsoleHandle;
ConsoleHandle = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);
SetConsoleTextAttribute(ConsoleHandle, FOREGROUND_GREEN);


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