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New Gravity Wars release!

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Hello! I have released a new version of my Gravity Wars 2000 game that i've been working on on and off as a hobby for a long time now! The game it self is based on the classic Amiga game by Ed Bartz, but it makes the graphical and even some gameplay leaps to bridge the 10+ year age span between the two. The game itself is very similiar to the classic Tank and Gorilla games, in that you fire a projectile with an angle and velocity. However being set in space, there are more than one sources of gravity, be they planets or black holes. Sounds a bit naff but its uncannily additive Its freeware, 128 players single or multiplayer, its got adjustable AI, and a big library of cool planet graphics and stuff. annnnd! Its all made in Delphi and (un)DelphiX. I am very very very keen for feedback, especially if you have any problems with it. But also feedback that it worked on your setup with out any probs and you like it is just as valuable if not more than problem feedback The page link is here : The game is only 2.7 meg (thanks to some dib compression!) and there are a few screen shots on the page if you are just intreseted : Thanks! Chuck. Edited by - chikara on July 2, 2001 7:07:00 PM

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