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models animation

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GalaxyQuest    122
Well, im pretty much a ogl newbie but i got a follow-up question. I believe I have read that
skeletal animation is pretty cpu intensive, but i cannot confirm this. Is this true? In other words,
which would be the simpler solution, for someone like a newbie getting into models, to implement?

I have the new gdnet book: opengl game programming and know a md2 loader is included, i just
havnt read the chapter and havnt noticed if it includes info on animating the different frames of
the quake2 model.

(im sure nikopol wanted a lil more informative answer then yes)

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NuFAN    122
Animation between the different frames of a .md2 model is quite simple. In this format, every frame is stored with all the vertices, now you can just interpolate between the vertices.

FinalVertex = Frame1.Vertex + Delta * (Frame2.Vertex - Frame1.Vertex)

Where Delta is a value between 0.0 and 1.0 . As to skeletal animation being pretty cpu intensive, yeah, it is, but not too intensive on nowaydays CPU''s. You even have the opportunity to let these run in hardware on next generation graphics accelerators (GeForce3, etc.) using vertex shaders. The simpler solution to implement is definitely the keyframe-solution, you don''t have to worry about all that quaternion stuff, the data organization, etc. so better try this one.


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