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Checking for map tile collision

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Dude, ever heard of physics? I think sin and cos comes into play. Try storing a vector varible for the direction the object is facing.

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Okay, I have a two-layered map. The first layer is for all of the tiles, the second layer is for NPC's and items. Now, I want to be able to check if one of the tiles they are in is a brick tile and have the ship bounce if it is. Here is my function so far:


void Check_For_Bounce()
int x, y;
int x_tile, y_tile, tile_num;

//Find out the x position
x = Player.WorldPosX;
int next_x = 0; //Set to 1 if it is in more than one tile
int next_y = 0;

while (x % 32 != 0) //Find the left-most tile it is in
next_x = 1; //Set more-than-one-tile to 1
x_tile = x/32; //Get the x_tile

y = Player.WorldPosY; //Find out the yposition

while (y % 32 != 0) //Find the top-most tile it is in
next_y = 1; //Set more-than-one tile to one
y_tile = y/32; //Get the x tile

tile_num = x_tile + (y_tile*XNUMBEROFTILES); //Find the actual tile number in the array

//If one of the tiles they are in is a "brick" tile
if (Map[tile_num] == 1 | | Map[tile_num + 1] == 1 | | Map[tile_num+XNUMBEROFTILES] == 1 | | Map[tile_num+XNUMBEROFTILES+1] == 1)
Player.x_vol = -Player.x_vol;
Player.y_vol = -Player.y_vol;


However, you will see on the bottom part what is wrong with this. If one of the tiles is a brick tile, then they "bounce". However, if they go at it at an angle it will defy the laws of physics. Anyone know a quick algo to fix the bottom part? I have previous x and previous y stored. . .

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